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    • Our Team

    Account Analysts provide a complete walk through of Client's facility, implement a customized security program and provide recommendations for maximum security.

    Account Managers serve as the critical communication and implementation We will, at no additional cost, perform on-site drug screening on all potential employees prior to being hired. The drug screening identifies the presence of controlled substances. Results are achieved within minutes to ensure a drug free officer in the field. Once employed, we continue to randomly conduct drug tests on our Officers.

    Field Supervisors patrol in marked security vehicles perform unannounced inspections can temporarily stand post when a Client has a need for short notice guard placement and provide evaluations of the guards, along with working conditions.

    Security Officers are the ones that we depend on to provide maximum security to the Client, their employees and property and must go through the following before being hired.


    Before a potential Officer is considered for employment, he or she must meet the following criteria:

    • Possess a Valid Guard Card
    • Have 2 Years of Experience in the Security Field
    • Verifiable 5 Year Employment History
    • Clean Criminal and Civil Background
    • Weapons Permit (Optional)
    • Baton Permit/PR24 (Optional)
    • Un-blemished DMV Printout
    • Pass a Drug Screening Check

    Barry's Security Services has a strict policy on uniform care and maintenance. We provide each of our Security Officers with two sets of uniforms. Every Security Officer is checked each shift by an Account Manager or Field Supervisor. A form is filled out each time the Officer is checked and it is turned in to the Operations Manager. The form is a checklist reporting the Officer's job performance, appearance, neatness of uniform and hygiene. The officer must resolve any infractions before returning to the Client's post. This form is available to the Client for his or her review and whenever possible, the Client or their representative adds any comments with their signature as to the Officers appearance and job performance.

    • Customer Service

    Customer service is always, #1 at Barry's Security Services. Our Management team is on-call 24-hours per day, ready with answers to any of your security needs. 
    "Big Enough to Do the Job. Small Enough to Do It Right."


    When we are notified that a client is in need of additional officers, the patrol supervisor will be dispatched immediately to cover until the standby officer is sent to replace the patrol supervisor. Our clients state that our responsiveness to security alerts and management's responsiveness to their needs and concerns, put us far above the competition.


    Our central communication center is staffed 24-hours a day by our fully trained personnel. You will, at all times, be speaking with a Barry's Security Services, employee when calling our office at 1800-4-we-Guard, never an answering service or a machine. This allows our clients continual contact with our management team, as well as our account managers, supervisors, patrolmen, and security officers. Should an officer need assistance, he or she simply contacts our office, and a dispatcher will contact the appropriate personnel to rectify any situation.

    With Barry's Security Services, our management team is always available. Our account management system and central communication center allow us to offer a quick response to any situation. Any client is more than welcome to e-mail us at anytime with questions, or any other type of comments.


    When starting a new account the following procedures are as follows:

    • The client signs the contract and establishes a start date.
    • We complete a security survey of client's facilities with recommendations for maximum security.
    • Security officers must complete all training, background checks, and drug screening. The client will be given these records for his or her review before the officer is assigned to that client.
    • Account manager, supervisors, and rovers are trained on post procedures along with actual working experience on the job. Training records will be kept at the client's location for review.
    • All necessary equipment, policies, procedures, and paperwork are in place and working.
    • Once the account is started, there will always be constant supervision and ongoing training to ensure quality control.

    Setup procedures may vary if contract is a short-term contract or client has special needs.