What reassurance do I have that your security guard is on site and performing their assigned duties?

Author: Barry's Security Services Inc. |

Site presence and duty fulfillment are why your company has engaged professional security. To ensure that our guards are on site and on time, we employ a state-of-the-art security app equipped with geolocation that requires our guards to be within 100 feet of the assigned post in order to be able to check in. Key points throughout your secure perimeter are also tagged with digital check-in points requiring that the guard visit and log their patrol. Every vehicle is equipped with GPS to map the location and provide real time monitoring of the patrol. Our guards are required to check in at the start of their shift and then every 60 minutes until their shift is over.

In addition to our automated systems, our management team performs site visits on a regular basis. During a site inspection visit, a manager looks to verify that our security guard is at his/her post, wearing the proper uniform, and performing their required post duties. We review the daily reports, check for incidents, and confirm that there were no significant changes that might affect the effectiveness of the security plan.